30th Birthday Tuxedo Cake with Striped Bow Tie Tutorial – Triple Chocolate Mousse and Peach Jelly Filling Plus Other 30th Birthday Ideas for Men

Tuxedo Cake with Triple Chocolate & Peach Jelly Filling | Roxy's Kitchen

This is the best cake I’ve made for the best surprise party to celebrate the best occasion of the year – my husband’s 30th birthday … well, best occasion until November, when I’m turning 30 :-P. If you’re looking for ways to surprise your loved one for their 30th birthday or another milestone birthday party I will give you some great ideas in this post.

Firstly, book a dream vacation for the two of you and your close family and friends… forget about a romantic celebration, you’ll have plenty other occasions to go on vacations in two. I made him a 2-in-1 surprise… I managed to bring his parents over (they flew all the way from Spain to Canada) and we all went for a vacation to the Caribbean and HE HAD NO IDEA!!!

Secondly, if you realize that all his friends can’t really join you on the awesome vacation, just organize him a surprise birthday party … which I did and IT WAS A BLAST! And this is the party for which I made him the Tuxedo Cake with a Striped Bow Tie. It was a 12 inch chocolate walnut cake, filled with a triple chocolate mousse and peach jelly. That triple chocolate mousse filling was such a huge hit… it looks great and the taste is out of this world! You can find the full tutorial with step-by-step pictures in this post.

Lastly, buy him a unique birthday present. I got him an eOne watch and made him a custom mug and a custom t-shirt. I also made him a beer can cake… scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the t-shirt and the beer can cake picture that I found on Pinterest and used it as inspiration. Read More

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