Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll-Ups | Roxy's Kitchen #appetizer #healthysnack #fingerfoods

We love any appetizer with smoked salmon! My mother in law makes some delicious ones with slices of bread, cream cheese and smoked salmon. She cuts the crust from each slice of bread, spreads some cream cheese on, adds slices of smoked salmon and then rolls them up tightly. I love them but I find […]

Spring Blossom Tree Made Out of Cupcakes

Spring Blossom Tree Made Out of Cupcakes | Roxy's Kitchen

Spring is finally here! Yes, I know it’s almost June but hey, we live in Canada and here the Winter lasts for six months, and that’s if you are lucky! Thank God we picked Toronto and not Iqaluit when we decided to move to Canada! Even so we escaped the cold weather over the past […]

Easy Cream Cheese Berry Butterfly Tarts

5-Ingredient Cream Cheese Berry Butterfly Tarts | Roxy's Kitchen

This Cream Cheese Berry Butterfly Tarts are the easiest and cutest dessert you can make this Spring! You only need 5 simple ingredients and a butterfly cookie cutter to make them. I told you before that I have a crazy collection of cookie cutters (about 200!) and I don’t really bake cookies that often but, […]

Surprise Inside Carrot Cake Cheesecake

Surprise Bunny Inside Carrot Cake Cheesecake Tutorial - Roxy's Kitchen

Who’s up for baking something super delicious and creative this Easter that will WOW your guests? There is a new trend in the world of cake decorating and that is the surprise-inside cakes! What might seem as a simple cake on the outside, it’s actually decorated from the inside out making it a stunning cake […]

Carrot Made out of Cupcakes for Easter

Carrot Made out of Cupcakes for Easter

These Carrot Cupcakes are an easy dessert idea for Easter! Making and decorating them could be a fun and exciting activity with your kids.  Since it’s a carrot made out of cupcakes I thought carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting would work the best. Grab a bunch of fresh carrots with leaves and a […]

Easy Rose Cupcake Bouquet in a Pot

Rose Cupcake Bouquet in a Pot

I made this Rose Cupcake Bouquet in a Pot for our friends’ farewell party but it would be great to offer as a gift on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even to use it as a centerpiece at a wedding or similar event. It’s super easy to make and you really don’t need to be […]

Raspberry Cream Cheese Buttercream Cake

Raspberry Cream Cheese Buttercream Cake - Heart-Shaped Cake for Valentine's Day

I wanted to experiment more with buttercream frosting. I mentioned in my Vanilla Buttercream Frosting post that I’m not a big fan of buttercream for filling cakes, it’s just too buttery and sugary for my taste. However, it’s very easy to work with it to decorate cakes/cupcakes hence why I still make it.  But let […]

Raspberry Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting/Filling

Raspberry Cream Cheese Buttercream

This Raspberry Cream Cheese Buttercream is delicious on its own but you could mix in some fresh raspberries as well, place them on top of the filling between the cake layers, or just arrange them on top to decorate your cake.                             Ingredients […]

Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

Valentine's Day Cakepops

Cake pops are fun to make and they are (too) easy to eat… so easy that I can never stop at one. Every time we have cakes, other types of desserts and cake pops, of course the cake pops are the first to go! I made regular round cake pops and a few heart-shaped ones […]