How to Make Fancy Chocolate Eggs – Happy Easter!!!

How to Make Fancy Chocolate Eggs – Happy Easter from Roxy's Kitchen!!!

I have always wanted to make my own chocolate eggs for Easter. A few weeks ago I came across some cute plastic egg molds on amazon so I decided this was the year to make my wish come true and have some fun in the kitchen. These are the chocolate molds I bought but you […]

Nutella Crepe Cake – A Unique and Simple Easter Dessert

Nutella Crepe Cake Close Up – A Unique and Simple Easter Dessert | Roxy's Kitchen #Easter #dessert #crepecake #bunnies #carrots

Have you seen all the fancy Easter desserts on Pinterest and all over the internet? Yes, I know, so many I cannot keep up pinning them – just check out my round-up of 30 Easter ideas to get an idea of what I’m talking about! I would love to try so many of them but […]

Egg Easter Bunny Face

Easter Bunny Face Made Out Of Eggs: Cutest Breakfast for Kids

I officially own over 200 cookie cutters in all shapes possible, yeah call me crazy! I don’t make cookies very often though; I’m more of a cake person – just check out the Surprise Bunny Inside a Carrot Cake Cheesecake I made just recently where I actually used a cookie cutter! So this morning while […]

Surprise Inside Carrot Cake Cheesecake

Surprise Bunny Inside Carrot Cake Cheesecake Tutorial - Roxy's Kitchen

Who’s up for baking something super delicious and creative this Easter that will WOW your guests? There is a new trend in the world of cake decorating and that is the surprise-inside cakes! What might seem as a simple cake on the outside, it’s actually decorated from the inside out making it a stunning cake […]

Carrot Made out of Cupcakes for Easter

Carrot Made out of Cupcakes for Easter

These Carrot Cupcakes are an easy dessert idea for Easter! Making and decorating them could be a fun and exciting activity with your kids.  Since it’s a carrot made out of cupcakes I thought carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting would work the best. Grab a bunch of fresh carrots with leaves and a […]

Easter Lamb Cake

Easter Lamb Cake / Tort Miel de Pasti

This Easter season wouldn’t be complete without a lamb cake! In this post I’ll show you how easily you can make an adorable lamb cake (hubby named it “Fatty” : ))) without using a lamb mold. I know there is the famous Wilton 3D lamb mold out there but I really don’t like buying a […]

Lamb Haggis / Terrine (Drob de Miel)

Lamb Haggis / Terrine (Drob de Miel)

Romanian Lamb Haggis is one of the most popular dishes cooked around Easter. It’s made of minced lamb innards (heart, liver, lungs, kidneys), green onions, eggs, fresh dill and parsley. All these wrapped in a caul (or pasta sheet) and roasted like a meatloaf.  We serve it as an appetizer with green onions, tomatoes or […]

Romanian Easter Cake with Cheese (Pasca cu Branza)

Romanian Easter Cake with Cheese (Pasca cu Branza)

Pasca cu Branza is a traditional Easter dessert that is specific to the north-eastern part of the country (in Moldavia).  It can be simple, with jagged margins, or it can have dough braided edges. Sometimes a cross-shaped braid is placed in the middle, representing the crucifixion of Jesus. People usually take some Pasca, dyed eggs […]