14 Fabulous Wedding Cakes with Modern Flair

14 Fabulous Wedding Cakes with Modern Flair - Roxy's Kitchen - If you’re looking for something unique, you might want to order a Love Story Wedding Cake or the Chalkboard Wedding Cake. If you’re a fan of weddings with a rustic vibe then take a look at the Naked Cakes decorated with fresh fruit or flowers. Naked cakes are essentially sponge cakes that are not covered with icing and they are truly the biggest trend ever to hit wedding cakes!

Today we’re celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and 14th years since we’ve been together. Yes, I married my high school sweetheart and I couldn’t be happier! From debating over math homework during the high school years, to immigrating to Canada when we were just 19, to teaming up as spouses and parents, we’ve been through […]