Nutella Crepe Cake – A Unique and Simple Easter Dessert

Nutella Crepe Cake Close Up – A Unique and Simple Easter Dessert | Roxy's Kitchen #Easter #dessert #crepecake #bunnies #carrots

Have you seen all the fancy Easter desserts on Pinterest and all over the internet? Yes, I know, so many I cannot keep up pinning them – just check out my round-up of 30 Easter ideas to get an idea of what I’m talking about! I would love to try so many of them but […]

Halloween Pumpkin Cake + My First Video Tutorial

Pumpkin Cake

Since Halloween is just around the corner let’s get into the spirit with this spooky pumpkin cake :). The cake and filling are quite basic and the decorations are easy and fun to make. Just follow the steps below and you’ll have the perfect cake that can be the centerpiece of your Halloween party! Time:  […]

First Communion Open Book Cake (Chocolate Ganache & Mascarpone Filling)

First Communion Open Book Cake / Tort Carte Deschisa Prima Comuniune / Pastel Libro de Primera Comunion

My cake baking challenge for this weekend was to make a first communion cake for our friends’ sweet little girl. I decided to bake an open book cake with two layers of filling – first layer with chocolate ganache & sour pitted cherries and the second one with a mascarpone cheese  filling. It was a […]

How to Make Honey Fondant for Covering and Decorating Cakes

How to Make Honey Fondant-8

Fondant can be used to cover cakes or as modeling paste to create all kinds of shapes and decorations for your cake.  It not only looks beautiful but, it helps keep the cake fresh. Time: 20 min, Prep: 20 min. Should be enough to cover a 22.9 x 22.9-cm (9×9-inch) cake. Ingredients: 16 g unflavoured gelatin […]