Wordless Wednesdays – Flying Across the Atlantic Ocean. Canada, Here We Come!

Wordless Wednesdays - Flying across the Atlantic ocean. Canada, here we come! | Roxy's Kitchen #airplane #foodart #creativefood #clouds #ocean #sun #buildings #apricot #creamcheese #chocolate #berries #toast


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  1. says

    You are making me jealous, being able to fly to Canada.. I haven’t been into Canada (my home and native land) for close to 5 years.. Although if I squint enough I can think I see Canada across Lake Superior. Thanks for sharing this on my Almost Wordless Wednesday and I hope that you will join me again this week

    • Roxy says

      Thanks for stopping by Marlys! I’m not originally from Canada but moved here almost 9 years ago… so now, Canada is my home :) !
      Happy to join your party this week as well, thanks for hosting!

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